We dedicate the internet Radio Tele Katolik Boston to the global Haitian network. A spirited filled community in the wonders of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ is a nourrishing and peaceful community. We are proudly broadcasting the Christ Family principles 24/7 across the internet, you too can join us online or over your tellephone by dialing 605-475-4485. You can always call our radio directly at 857-246-0375


Offering the latest news on church events, such as baptism, marriage, prayer meeting, charismatic. We will provide you with the most up-to-date news regarding our parishioners. You can call our rectory at 617-344-9500 for details


Radio Tele Katolik Boston is an internet based radio station providing uplifting messages from our community Churches. Our Charismatic group meets every Wednesday between 6:30-9:30PM.

Most Prescious Blood Church

The most Precious Blood Church located at 45 Maple Street, between Oak  & Pine Street in Hyde Park  MA. 02136. You can contact our Rectory at 617-364-9500, normal business hours are Monday through Friday 9am-2pm.

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Make Radio Tele Katolik Boston your permament soul quenching internet radio station. We will bring  the church to your  computer and cellular telephone via Radio Now. Simply dial 605-475-4485  When you join us through the internet or Radio Now, you'll be able to recite the rosary with us, call in for special prayer request during our live sessions, listen to the Charistmatic group on Fridays, join the Haitian Sunday service at 5-6PM. We will also have professionals to fill us in the areas of health and nutrition, fashion, finance to name a few.  

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Radio Tele Katolik Boston
Hyde Park, MA. 02136


Audio Now: 605-475-4485



Radio 857-236-1401             Email: RTKBOSTON.COM

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Office: 857-236-1401 

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Learn Television Production filming, editing, lighting, set designing, camera technique 508-521-0897 if you're in the Massachusetts areas

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